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Distance Reiki Healing

Just try it once & experience so you love more. @HOME you are relaxed&very open to receiving easily

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 119 euro
  • Zandvoort|Amsterdam oud-west

Service Description

Lay down in a quite and comfortably place in your own house, put on a sleep mask over your eyes, press play on the provided deep healing music so we can start on the set time we agreed on. (make sure all your computers and phones are switched off). Before we have had contact of maybe possible problems you like to share and a picture of you is send, it helpt to create a bridge between you and me. After the session of 30 minutes we reconnect to discuss anything that may have come up during the remote session. Sometimes my clients anticipate that they will be resting deeply or sleeping so we may touch base a few hours later or the next day depanding what agreed on. 90 min: before call/FaceTime max 20 min + 45 min healing session + aftercare/FaceTime card reading 20 min Rather than just sending universal energy or loving energy, a reiki healing practionar is able to send a very specific frequency of healing energy that has great purpose and intention. Its powerful and impactful iTS for everyone possible to book a Distance Reiki healing, when you have injury's, no car or to far to travel, sick and at home, live abroad, lack of time to name a few examples.

Contact Details

  • Zandvoort aan Zee, Zandvoort, Netherlands

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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