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What should I expect from my first session Reiki?

Your first session in everything is always exciting or perhaps you are a bit nervous or just curious. All is oké, but be aware if your thought is helping you or not. If you go with the flow, are open to something new, and just be you simply can receive so much more 💫

But to answer a bit your question;-)

I welcome you and ask if there is anything what needs extra attention I need to know.

After the session you can feel super relaxed. You can feel a total calmness, the pure you again.

If you had pain, it might be so much less or even gone.

Good to tell me if there is something specific so i can put extra focus on it during the treatment.

Always drink 2 glasses water after the session.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Next to your dokter appointments and medication I can give that bit of extra to help you, I work with universal energy, where there are blockage in your system I can help release them.  
Where there is tension emotionally or in the body I can help open them.
People with terminal illness I can help soften the pain and relax. I done reiki treatments on people with cancer, astma, burnouts for example.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Super easy, you don't need to do anything, only show up.

 I will prepair everything for you, the table, if needed warm blanket and so on ;-) 

You can lay down, relax and receive.

I always love the reaction after words!

How many session is needed?

This question I get a lot. And its simple, whatever feels good for you.
Every person and body is different. Do you invest in your own body? Is it just relaxation or work on disblance or pain in anyway or do you have a burnout? 
Some people like to come back every week, others once a month and some come only in stressful times or when something has happend.

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